KZ Commentary: Episode 9, “Price Bombers”

Ah, the mega-everything store PRICE BOMBERS.” At least that’s what I decided to call it so I didn’t get sued by Target. But Target is the new Walmart… which was the new K-Mart. My family and I all go to Target now like it’s the town square. We stay there all afternoon, and get everything from groceries to clothing to car supplies. It’s weirdly inclusive. And it seemed like the perfect place for Krogzilla to work.

This is one of my favorite episodes because there are so many new characters here and so much happens. First there’s the uptight manager Darren, who is played with extreme effeminate fussiness by Josh Greene. It’s a big shout-out to Dean Pelton on “Community,” which is one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite shows. I love Darren’s opening speech, and ooooh was Josh chomping at the bit to do it. Super-duper high maintenance and “always gets Krogzilla confused” with some guy named Jeremy? Let that sink in and let’s all feel sorry for Jeremy for a moment. Many of you fans will also recognize the re-use of character design here: Darren looks suspiciously like the executive from the architectural firm in episode 4. Amazing what some re-coloring and a new voice does, right?

The “Zombie Girls” are another couple of characters that I KNEW I wanted to put somewhere in this series… because they are based on two real girls. Oh yes. I have Karen Whipple  to thank for this, since she is the one that encountered them in a Party City. As Karen tells it, she overheard two teenage girls talking exactly like this as they checked out the zombie masks in the Halloween section. They seemed to be obsessed with being zombie-SOMETHINGS for a party coming up. They just couldn’t decide if they should be zombie cheerleaders, zombie nurses, zombie hookers, or just slutty zombie girls in short skirts. When Karen told me about these chicks and did the voice, I had to make them shoppers in this mainstream store. My wife Vicki got seriously valley as the second zombie girl. I wish I’d had more time to explore the strange, bent minds of these two, but the brief exchange at the T-Shirt rack is all I had time for.

The girls also paved the way for a payoff with the “Taco Salad” reference. I must explain and give a shout-out to actor David Storrs. He used to do an improv character who would mumble about taco salad, simply because Dave thought it was funny to say. He’s right. When you say it over and over again, “taco salad” starts to sound increasingly goofy. And the way Darren says it, I guess he’s from Minnesota.

Then we come to THE RETURN OF REGURGITOR! Yes, fans, I agree. Get this guy his own series, because he’s super funny. Ken Marino returns again and brings more of his signature smugness. The magic improv moment in this scene was when Krogzilla asks if Regurgitor wants to “take another shot, or do you wanna call in your stunt man??” Ken, the master of turning things back on the other guy, came up with the brilliant 180: “You… you wanna beat up my stunt man?” There were a lot of great alternates that I wish I had time for: “You mean Hank? He’s not working right now. He’s with his family on vacation. I guess I could call him up, maybe you guys can get together. What do you have against Hank?” On and on, more and more uncomfortable for poor Krog. And I loved it.

This episode also ends with a wonderful cacophony of the little boy, the monsters fighting, and the Zombie Girls mumbling. It’s a jumble of sounds that bring out several funny moments, depending on who you’re listening to. Personally, I want a Regurgitor T-Shirt with his final line on it: “I make myself throw up and I make a lot of money doing it!”

Okay, you K-Z, Kro Zo fans… we’re winding down. The last hurrah is already online, so check out the final EPISODE 10 and I’d love to hear what you think. I’ll have my final thoughts soon.

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