Demo Song from “Fe@rleSS”: “NEW GAME”

That’s right, here is an unreleased song for the Netflix movie I wrote and directed, “Fe@rleSS.” Lyrics and vocals by me! I had this wild idea to write a rap song for the end credits. I must emphasize this is a DEMO, so while I’m using Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” for the hook, I knew I’d never be able to use it in the final version… but it’s a demo, baby! And it was the vibe I was going for. And while I am living out my rap fantasies here, my plan was to snag a known artist to perform this.

My hope was for this to be recorded by one of the RocNation artists we were gathering for the soundtrack but… it was not meant to be. So I thought it would be fun to listen to here.

It’s all about the main character Reid and his journey to finally get off the couch and live life in a meaningful, adventurous way.

Feast your ears on “NEW GAME.”

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