Big News, Big Move

Here is the summer catch-up on all things Cory:

Sunset LogoWISH:
I am finishing my current film “Wish,” and we should be announcing a release date in the next few months. I have not been able to talk about it, but I’ve been working on it for almost three years now and it is going to be fantastic. All I can tell you is that it is all about the secret world of wishing wells. What happens when we throw a coin down a well? Christmas has Santa, Dreams have the Sandman, and after this film, WISHING will have its own rich and detailed mythology. You’ll just have to find out the WHO and the WHY of this world when the movie comes out! I hope to have some casting announcements soon as well.

supermassive-black-hole-110216NEXT MOVIE: I am already in preproduction and writing on my next film. There is no firm title yet but what I can tell you is that it is an animated action comedy for producer John H. Williams. It involves space, superpowers and the hard choices we make when it’s time to grow up. Obscure enough for you? One more big component to the project is that I am going to be living in Montreal to work on it. A huge studio called CINESITE stationed there will be creating all aspects of the production. So I am moving my entire family to Canada almost immediately. It is a big leap for all of us, but we have chosen to embrace the adventure. Hey, in this business you have to go where the work is. And no, I speak no French.

monkey_king_hero_is_backMONKEY KING:
Here’s something cool… I did some writing on the English version of “Monkey King: Hero Is Back.” The original Chinese version was the biggest box office for an animated film in China, ever. The U.S. release is July 29. And now the guy saying my words is… Jackie Chan. Pretty nice feather in the cap.

OldTime_Radio_MicPODCASTS: Last month was unusually podcast-heavy for me, as I appeared on two different shows. If you just love to hear the sound of my voice, or want to hear more about my work, you can check these out.

The first is the PETE AND PENELOPE PODCAST, launched by my friend Adam Bush as he develops his new kids show. We get deep into discussing the creative process and where good characters come from. You can also hear me share my all-time top favorites in film, TV and stories. LISTEN HERE.

The second is the MOBPOD PODCAST, hosted by my sister and cousin, Katie Hooten and Tye Edwards. They are hilarious. We discuss NOTHING serious for about an hour, but the topic is BLOCKBUSTERS. Come listen and reminisce about big summer movies from long ago, as well as discuss the big ones coming out now. We also drink coffee and coin the new phrase #HumpTheShark. LISTEN HERE.

That’s all I have for you good people. I can’t wait to do more showing and less telling. Soon, soon, soon…

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