2015 Movie Reviews… In Catchphrases!

I did it last year and now, back by no demand whatsoever, are movies reviewed with a single catchphrase.

Ex Machina – Get Scared, Get Turned On, Get Killed!

Chappie – Pimp my robot

Trainwreck – She was. It wasn’t! Cutest use of a Billy Joel song ever.

Shaun The Sheep – Too good for words (& not one spoken)

Furious 7 – More flying cars than “Back To The Future 2”

Avengers 2 – A movie in a movie in a movie… A “Movie Turducken.” **

Mad Max, Fury Road – Furious 7, meet Furiosa. Take notes.

Tomorrowland – Too much “Today,” not enough “Tomorrow”

Spy – Long live the McCarthy Era

Inside Out – Weeee colors! Why is daddy crying?

Jurrasic World – I need more Peter Quill in my Pratt

Minons – Sidekicks become Frontkicks. Banana!

Terminator Genesys – He’s back before he’s back, then after he’s back

Ant-Man – Best Thomas The Train cameo of all time

American Ultra – Emo Bourne… and better than it should be

Steve Jobs – Mac-nificent.

MI: Rogue Nation – Enthused Cruise proves new fuse woos accrued views

The Martian – Save Matt Damon! Again! Too many potatoes!

Pan – Don’t count your franchises before they’re hatched

The Peanuts Movie – 2D plus 3D minus Snarky Chipmunks = Me smiling

Hunger Games 4,  Mockingjay 2 – It’s over, I’m exhausted.

The Good Dinosaur – More like the “Kind of Okay” Dinosaur.

Creed – The best Rocky since Rocky isn’t even Rocky

The Force Awakens – 4 & 5 had a baby. Finn-tastic. Poe-erful. Hoo-REYYY!


** Shout out to writer / director  Brian Smith for this one. I’m stuffed.

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