Hoodwinked 2: Coming Sometime, Someday

I’ve gotten lots of questions about “Hoodwinked Too: Hood Vs. Evil.” Everyone wants to know when it’s coming out, why it got moved from its original release date, what’s going on with toy tie-ins, etc. Here’s the short answer:
I don’t know.
No idea. The exec producers and Weinstein Company have not shared a whole lot about their game plan with me. I wrote the thing three years ago and that’s it. Another guy directed it, and I’ve only seen an early version of the film. I’m sure some of you have started seeing posters for the TOYS that are about to hit Burger King this month. Check it out! (thanks for the pic, Asa)
While seeing my characters as BK toys is crazy-cool, I found out about it the same time any of you did. I have not seen the toys themselves, but I can’t wait to go get some.
Yes, that’s right. I will have to go buy my own toys. That’s the world I live in.
So all I can tell you about H2 is to watch for trailers and commercials. I’ve heard rumors of February, and BK toys are a strong indicator that it will be out soon.

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  • Rachel Says:

    Good to know. My husband was annoyed with our local theater for not carrying it, but if it doesn't have confirmed release dates, it's not just us.

  • WinkyGoMoo Says:

    Yeah, I was really kinda ticked off when they delayed the release. But a delayed release is better than no release, right?

  • AJ Says:

    Cory, will you sign my Twitchy? ;(

  • TamaraKnight Says:

    That's annoying. The whole delay thing and the fact that you are not in the know how. I just hope they release it wide, and not limited.
    I searched youtube for a trailer, and all this 'watch full movie here' junk popped up. I'm not touching it, or trusting that any of them have the actual movie. I hope they don't. I just want a trailer. :)

  • Mark Says:

    Normally BK release toys while the film is in theaters. By the time your film comes out the toys will be gone. Maybe. I got a two for one. One toy was from H2. The other was from Star Trek. I matters how many were made.

  • Jason Says:

    Cory – just thought I'd share… my kiddos got their Red and Twitchy toys today and had to come home and watch the first Hoodwinked. We all settled in and enjoyed it again and are excited for the next one.

  • Anonymous Says:

    You said you saw an early version of the film. I don't know how much you are able to say, but what did you think of it?

  • AJ Says:

    Hey Cory, is the shady guy in the zebra suit in Hoodwinked 2?

    I'd like some background on that fellow.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I've heard rumors of September 3rd

  • Anonymous Says:

    Bring out Hoodwinked Too, the first one was 'crazy-cool' and has been something my daughter and I relate to for a long time. (especially twitchy). He's so funny….lol hirlarious in fact. I think he deserves an Oscar. Please kkep writing them Cory!!

  • Anonymous Says:

    I cant wait to here Bill Murray as mr aligator he's awsome!!

  • Anonymous Says:

    I cant wait to hear Bill Murray as mr aligator he is so cool!

  • Erin Says:

    My hubby and I are big fans of Hoodwinked. Since this was posted almost a year ago can you please give us an update on the projected release of Hoodwinked Too!? Thanks.

    • cory Says:

      Glad you loved the film! There’s not much more to report other than rumors I cannot confirm. Something may be happening with it this spring. Here’s hoping.

  • samantha Says:

    Thank you for hoodwinked. The kids and I just watched it again. I didn’t know that there was a hoodwinked 2. I really hope that whatever is holding up the release is resolved soon as we would love to see it. As we are in England we didn’t even get the burger king toys :-( so there where no hints that the film exsisted.

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