A lot of the success of "The Christmas Lizard" is due to the fantastic illustrations by Jonathan Martin. Jonathan and Cory have worked together on other projects in television, such as the puppet adventure series, "Pahappahooey Island". For that series, Jonathan created the characters, builds the sets and models, and guides the destiny of the show. Cory wrote some of the first episodes, and also performs voices for some of the characters. So as "The Christmas Lizard" was being written, Cory knew that Jonathan would be the perfect artist to illustrate it. They worked together from very early in the book's development, storyboarding each page. While Cory is a cartoonist, and could sketch out some of his ideas for characters, Jonathan's expertise in oil painting took the images to a whole new level.

Jonathan is the head of Jonathan Martin Creative, Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He continues to design sets, models and creatures for major events and television projects, while working on some new ideas of his own.


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