The Christmas Lizard
by Cory Edwards

So what does a lizard have to do with Christmas? Plenty, if you ask this tiny, scaly, squiggly friend! Oscar, who's really a pet iguana, takes readers to a holiday wonderland as he ventures up his family's Christmas tree in search of the true meaning of the season. On his journey, he meets lots of fun and familiar ornaments that explain to him why Christmas is the biggest, most wonderful celebration of the year.

Latest Lizard News

We are sad to report that, as of the fall of 2007, the book is no longer in print. The original publisher has no plans to continue with the book, so we will be pursuing new distribution in the coming year. Our best advice is to look for it on Ebay or as a used copy on But take heart, the Christmas Lizard will pop up again in the future!  Please check back with this site next year for updates on where and when to purchase the book. Thanks for all your support!

About The Book

Cory Edwards' book The Christmas Lizard hit book stores everywhere during the 2000 holiday season, and quickly gained fans all over the country.
This children's picture book is filled with full-color illustrations and a story that was inspired by Cory's own pet iguana. "He was always getting into things when I would let him out of his cage," Cory explains, "and at Christmas time, I caught him halfway up the tree, climbing through the ornaments. The whole story kind of snapped into my head right there."
The story reveals the meaning behind all of the glitz and glamour kids are bombarded with during the holidays. "I was just tired of seeing Christmas specials where the meaning of Christmas is 'goodwill', or 'to be nice to each other'", Cory explained. "Kids deserve the straight story about Christmas. Then they can appreciate all the fun stuff that goes with it."
Told from the point of view of Oscar the iguana, he meets some humorous but misguided characters throughout the tree. Each ornament has their own ideas about the traditions surrounding December 25th. But Oscar finds the real answer he's looking for in a surprising place.
While Cory is also an artist, he wanted a specific look for the illustrations. The classic mood of tales such as The Velveteen Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland are captured in beautiful oil paintings by fantasy artist Jonathan Martin. Cory had distinct ideas about the characters and settings for the book, and Jonathan turned them into deeper, more enchanting images.
"Jonathan is a filmmaker as well, so we talked about lighting and angles, as if we were shooting this in three dimensions," said Cory. "He brings a great artistry to this project that I could never achieve on my own. I'm extremely happy with the end result."
Cory made numerous appearances throughout the winter months of 2000 to promote The Christmas Lizard, with signings and readings in Indiana, Oklahoma, and California. You can read more about it on the “Lizard Tour 2000” page.


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