Cory Edwards never set out to write a Christmas story about a lizard. You might say the story found him. Cory has always kept himself busy doing all sorts of creative things, like puppeteering, acting, drawing cartoons, and
making movies.

But it was his own real life pet iguana who helped him write this special book for children. Yes, Oscar was a real iguana that lived with Cory and his wife Vicki for many years. One evening at Christmastime, Cory heard a rustle in the Christmas tree. Oscar had been crawling around loose, and had found his way up into the tree, climbing up among the ornaments until he reached the top. And in a flash of inspiration, Cory knew he had a story. And "The Christmas Lizard" was born.

Cory lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son, where he writes and directs feature films. His first film, Hoodwinked, is an animated story that has delighted children and adults all over the world.  You can catch up on more of what Cory is working on at coryedwards.com. He still enjoys doing standup comedy and visiting schools to read his book to kids.


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