WATCH: Island of Pants

If you’ve never had a chance to see me do standup comedy, now you can by ordering my live concert DVD, available from Crown Video. Shot at the Alex Theater in Glendale, California, this was a great time on stage with a great crowd.

READ: The Christmas Lizard

I wrote a children’s book a few years back about the meaning of Christmas and all the ways we celebrate it…through the eyes of a lizard. The book has gone out of print, but you can still find them on Amazon.

LISTEN: The Best of Coryopolis

For two years, I was a contributor to The Steelehouse Podcast, offering my own humorous take on the entertainment business and life in general. The segment was called “Coryopolis.” The Podcast has ended its run, but here for your listening pleasure is an archive of my favorite segments. Listen, enjoy, repeat.

Everyone’s a Nerd


Rubber Suits & Midgets

Eye of the Beholder

Saving Christmas


Train of Thought

Q & A

Marketing Evils


Give It A Rest

Don’t Fear The Remake

Development Hell

Agree To Disagree

A Look at the Future



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