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Cory Edwards made his feature film debut with Hoodwinked, but he’d already had a long career as a filmmaker before that. Involved in almost every creative area of the business for over twenty five years, he has served as writer, director, producer, actor, animator, art director, and editor. Since his childhood “Super 8mm” days, Cory has been making movies. He shot everything from adventure serials to superhero comedies, complete with storyboards, miniatures, animation, and pyrotechnics. From grade school to college, Cory would turn any class project into a film or video project, sometimes winning national contests. He interned at an animation studio in Ohio during his collegiate summers. After college, Cory worked at a Tulsa production company, directing music videos and commercials.

After founding Blue Yonder Films in 1995, Cory produced and acted in his brother’s feature debut, Chillicothe, an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. Soon after, Cory and his brother Todd pitched a Red Riding Hood crime story to a private investor, and Hoodwinked was born. Made totally outside of the studio system and for a tenth of the cost, the film was picked up by moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Cory worked with the voice talents of Glenn Close, Anne Hathaway, Chazz Palminteri and Jim Belushi, and voiced the coffee-addicted squirrel, “Twitchy” himself. He also wrote two of the songs for the soundtrack. Hoodwinked was one of the top grossing movies during its theatrical release in spring of 2006, and grossed over 150 million dollars worldwide.

Since Hoodwinked’s success, he’s written its sequel Hoodwinked Too!: Hood Vs. Evil, the sci-fi feature Escape From Planet Earth, the fantasy adventure Wish,  the Smosh.com web series Krogzilla Gets A Job, and a ton of VeggieTales episodes. Cory has developed projects for industry greats like John Davis (producer of Jungle Cruise, Predator), Paul Schiff (producer of Rushmore), John Shestack (producer of Air Force One), Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Valerian) and The Jim Henson Company (developing Fraggle Rock: The Movie).

Edwards recently finished writing and directing Fe@rleSS, an animated superhero comedy, which debuted as “the #5 movie in the world” for Netflix. He is currently prepping his next feature with producers John Williams (Shrek) and Peter Seaman (Who Framed Roger Rabbit).



Cory has logged twenty years as a stand-up comic, performing all over the country. He has been seen at famous Los Angeles clubs such as The Comedy Store, The Improv and The Ice House. In addition to stand-up, Cory has been involved in every form of live comedy: he directed and wrote for a comic variety show, founded a sketch comedy troupe, and performed with an improvisational group for two years. Cory’s material is that rare breed that works on audiences from eight to eighty, and he prides himself on a track record of complete crowd satisfaction. “Making a room full of people laugh is one of the best jobs in the world. Smiling isn’t good enough. If you’re slapping the table and repeating the lines on the way home, then I’ve hit my target.”

Cory also speaks to audiences about his films, books and experiences in the entertainment industry.

As an on-air personality, Cory has hosted extensively on TV and radio. Highlights include hosting K9 Nation for ESPN, his own music video show, a syndicated talk radio show and a live special from Disneyworld.

To book Cory to speak or perform at your event, you can contact Vicki at Futureboy Films: vicki@futureboyfilms.com


Q: I have a great script / comic book / novel / post-it note / idea for a movie. Can I send it to you?
A: Sorry… Unless you already have an agent, I cannot openly accept submissions. If you are represented, you can “have your people call my people,” as they say, with the info below:
Ryan Saul
The Cartel
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 654-3333
Q: What’s an agent, and how do I get one?
A: Next question.
Q: How can I get into the movie business?
A: I wish I could say there is an easy answer, but there isn’t. It is a tough business to break into, and it took me fifteen years to get the chance to direct my first film. The best advice I can give is “MAKE STUFF.”  Find a way to make your own projects on any level, no matter how small. One page, one minute, whatever you have the means to create. It will lead to something greater. And someday, somehow, someone will notice. Persistence is the name of the game, so if it’s your dream, then don’t ever give up!
Q: Can I get an autographed picture of “Twitchy The Squirrel,” “Krogzilla” or your other characters?
A: I used to respond to every request, but it got a little overwhelming — especially for all my international fans. I’m not able to send out autographed pictures or material at the present time. Please be patient and check back here every six months. Perhaps there will come a day when I have a staff of minions to do this, but right now I don’t! 


Q: Do you still do stand-up comedy?
A: Yes! Most of my time is spent making movies, which I am very happy about. But I love comedy too much to ever totally give it up.

Q: Are you available to perform standup or speak about your films?
A: Yes, if my schedule permits. Please contact Vicki at Futureboy Films to book me, at vicki@futureboyfilms.com

Q: What types of stuff do you speak about?
A: Working in the movie industry, writing for film and television, animation, the making of Hoodwinked or my current film in progress, and around Christmas time I will also read and sign my book The Christmas Lizard.

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