KZ Commentary: Episode 6, “Party Marty”

In this episode, Krogzilla has a demeaning job that I and many, many of my friends have had: the job of entertaining at children’s birthday parties. Now I’ve never personally had to put on the costume of a TV character, but I thought that situation had the most comedic “juice” to it. What’s weirder than a monster putting on another monster suit? It’s always fun for me to create the “world within the world,” and by that I mean creating fake products and shows within the world I’m already creating in. When a character in a TV show sits down to watch a TV show, what do they watch? For this birthday party character, I thought clowns and Barney were much too played out. Same with Dora or Sesame Street characters. My kids recently became hooked on “Yo Gabba Gabba” like it was crack cocaine, and I love the zany color schemes and designs of that show. So Party Marty comes from a similar type of program.

And I love the ring of that name: “Party Marty.” I can’t believe there isn’t a TV character with that name already. I wish I could print up T-Shirts.

Yes, the episode starts kind of dark with Marcus and Krogzilla talking about how “those animals in there” are going to watch Krogzilla “defiling himself.” But younger kids have no idea what that dialogue is about and it always provokes muffled, forbidden laughter from the adults. Honestly, if you’ve ever had to earn money by dancing around for a crowd of kids, you know it can be an endurance test.

The best part of this show was that I got my kids involved. Both of my boys are very young, but they love performing and learning how a project is put together. My five year-old Elliot has already shot and edited his own movie! Getting them both in the recording studio to say the right lines was a bigger problem. Nathaniel (two years old) was the real diva. He wouldn’t say a thing until I brought Josh Greene’s little dog into the booth. Oh sure, then Nathaniel would say the lines to HIM. Another kid performer was my niece Eva. She’s been performing and speaking publicly for much of her young life, so she not only played the sassy little girl in this show, but she also voiced the girl in the movie theater (episode 5). (Trivia fact for all you “Hoodwinked” buffs, the song “Eva Deanna” on the soundtrack is about HER!) I love real kids’ voices. There’s nothing like seeing a character that has been animated to an unpolished, real kid’s voice. It makes it funnier too (such as Nathaniel barking “Do da dance!”).

Episode 6 also marks the first performance on the show from my wife Vicki. She does a great sing-songy mom in this one. I also made her scream a lot, which she was not crazy about.

I had so many ideas for this show, but budget kept me hemmed in a bit. I wanted Krogzilla to leap into a bounce house, then hear it POP and deflate. Too much for our animation schedule. I also wanted some crazier destruction with a pinata and a table of presents. But you have to choose your battles. There’s another sight gag in this one that I credit the animators with — during Krogzilla’s rapid-fire balloon animal session. A certain phallic balloon sculpture appears that COULD be a sword or… a horrible mistake at a kids’ party. Wow, did the YouTube commenters pick up on THAT one. Hmmm, maybe 100 comments on that moment alone? I GET it that you get it, guys. Glad you saw it. Glad it made you LOL and OMG so much, for Pete’s sake.

Krogzilla’s next horrible job adventure is right around the corner, and it has plenty of creepy, uncomfortable moments. And kitties.

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