KZ Commentary: Episode 5, “Regurgitated”

Episode 5¬†finds both Marcus and Krogzilla as movie theater ushers. This show takes a bit of a serious turn as Krog is allowed to spout off for a while. It’s frankly the one big speech I wrote for myself and all along I’ve wondered if it was worth the screen time. I’m not exactly an Academy Award winning actor, but I can get a good rant going if I want to.

This theater setting allowed me to get on a soapbox a bit about a couple of things that irk me. One topic is the monstrous multiplexes that we all go to see movies in — giant buildings filled with at least 20 screens run mainly by people under 25 years old. They always feel a bit too large and impersonal, and more like places to sell snacks in bulk than provide showmanship for the movies they play. There’s also my distaste for bullies, which come in all eras of life. I encountered a lot of these types of bullies in high school — guys who just zero in on the weak member of the pack and hassle them for four years. But my biggest rant is on the state of big budget movies. I know we are all tired of the rebooting, rebranding and yes, regurgitating of the same entertainment over and over. Let me be clear, I LOVE big popcorn movies, but the pursuit of a pre-existing brand for marketing purposes has gotten a bit out of hand (“SLINKY: THE MOVIE!”).

For every “Avengers” that delights, there is yet another “Transformers” sequel that feels way past its prime (“Prime”… see what I did there?). As Krogzilla tells us, we have no right to complain about these regurgitations if we keep paying money to see them. Everyone I talk to groans about Michael Bay’s latest “event” movie, but somehow these are still the movies that end up as the biggest money-makers of the year. If we all keep going, they’ll just keep making them, people!!! But I digress. The bullies in episode 5 are not just typical tormentors… they are also what I imagine typical mega-sequel ticket buyers look like.

I’ve already gotten a lot of great feedback on the new bully characters. Randy (they guy with the “Grinch” smile) is voiced by Jason Gerali… this guy’s natural voice has this weird “slide” to it that I thought would be fun for the character. I love how Jason absolutely CHEWS on his words when he says “Oh my GYOSH! It’s MYOOOCUS Marcus!” The pink-haired she-bully known as Lola is voiced by super funny lady¬†Vanessa Ragland. It’s beyond me why Vanessa is not a major comedy star on your TV right now. She is a great improv comedian, screenwriter and host of the Pop My Culture Podcast. Her star is rising — look out for her! In the booth, Vanessa’s voice was equal parts velvety and snarky — ideal.

By the way, did you catch Shayla and the Exec from Episode 4 on a date in the first shot? We needed extras to walk by, and the choice to use those two characters created a fun extra joke for viewers who are paying attention. That was all from the animators. Nice job, guys!

I always have a wish list when I finish these episodes. For this one, I so wanted to create a ton of fake movie posters to line the hallways — lots of jokes and parodies to be had there. Oh well — not to be in the “low budget land” we are living in here. At least our favorite jerk Regurgitor makes an appearance (sort of) as the overblown movie display that raised Krogzilla’s hackles. Rest assured, this is not the last time you’ll see “Regurg.”

Once again, don’t stop going to megaplexes and don’t stop seeing big summer movies — just get wise to the ones that are all marketing and no substance. And if you see a bad movie, please don’t burn down the display in the lobby. Sorry, this show isn’t big on hints for proper social behavior.

Next week: Kids, cake and PARTY MARTY!!!

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