KZ Commentary: Episode 4, “Tiny Buildings”

For Episode 4, it seemed obvious to put Krogzilla in a situation where he was with miniature models of a city. It’s very “meta,” because that’s how they MADE old Godzilla movies — with a guy  about six feet tall walking around models. So this idea naturally put Krog at an architectural firm. I knew I wanted to do one episode in a corporate setting too. In comedy, the more formal the situation, the better the “squirm” factor and the more laughs you get out of inappropriate behavior.

I also scored another big guest star for this show  — John O’Hurley. I was really amazed that I got him. John is basically a TV legend due to his memorable role as “J. Peterman” on “Seinfeld.” Then of course he is a household name in many other ways, such as hosting the National Dog Show every Thanksgiving, hosting “Family Feud,” playing King Neptune on “Spongebob Squarepants,” and appearing on about a billion other shows. I’m just thankful our kids went to the same preschool class. John had a good time doing his “John O’Hurley thing,” which was perfect for the stuffy corporate executive who accuses Krogzilla of eating the city models. Small note: I love the teeny, tiny hands that the animators gave him. Watch them flail around like little marionette hands.

This episode is also home to another favorite character of mine, sassy black girl Shayla, played by Karen Whipple. Karen does this voice at random, at parties, or when she just gets sassy. So I had to write a part for the voice. It seemed like a good fit for tubby, bumbling Krogzilla to get some help from this go-getter. Shayla takes no crap and really seems to have a good grip on office life — which is to say she doesn’t take any of it too seriously. It’s hard to pick a favorite line from Shayla, because I love them all. I think the most quoted on the YouTube comment section is “It just got real up in huuur.” But I have a special love for “Sea monster, please.”

I’m really glad Jeff’s last line landed as such a good punchline (“What are you, a cop?” and… he is). Lots of thumb’s up from the commenters on that one! I realize that a lot of viewers like karate kicking and explosions, but if you relax into the conversations between the characters on this series, there’s a lot of little goodies in there. I tried to sneak in subtle jokes mumbled under someone’s breath, and my sound editor Mark Keefer even creates new fun with the moments he picks. When Shayla and Krog toast their cups, they just sit there saying, “Mmm. Mmm, mmm,” back and forth. Keefer just laid that in there and I love it!

This is one of those rare episodes where I actually set up events in another episode. We see Marcus at the movie theater, and tease Krogzilla’s next job. I thought Marcus needed a quick appearance in this one, and tying a couple of events together over two episodes made it… you know… less “episodic.”  You might be wondering how much crap this poor sea monster can take, and when he’s gonna finally snap. Well episode five seemed like a good place to let off some steam — and I give him a good reason. Stay tuned.

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