KZ Commentary: Episode 2, “Big Dogs”

This is the second in a series of blogs on my new web series, “Krogzilla Gets A Job,” rolling out every Thursday this summer. Now the series gets interesting, as we get the big green guy out there and working in a variety of jobs. This week, he is being trained at a fast food restaurant called “Big Dogs.” I wanted to parody fast food in general, and so this is the dumbest, most hideous idea I could think of: Nothing but hot dogs on the menu, with a variety of toppings. There’s cheese and chili, but then there’s also sour cream, ranch dressing and chocolate. When you see what McDonalds, Carl’s Jr. and Taco Bell have to do to create “variety,” (Dorito shells?) this didn’t seem too far from reality. I didn’t have time to mention all the gross flavors I thought of. In hindsight, I really wish I’d created a lengthy menu of toppings that we could have put in the background for people to freeze frame on.

In episode 2, we get to meet Krogzilla’s only real friend, Marcus. He’s just as sarcastic as Krog, and doesn’t seem to mind at all that Krog is a scaly monster. Marcus will pop up in a lot more episodes to come. He’s voiced by Josh Greene, who is wearing many hats behind and in front of the mic. I wanted to have at least one human character for Krogzilla to banter with who was “normal,” so that there weren’t too many crazy eccentrics overwhelming the scenes. Krogzilla himself is a bit of a wild card, since he has no clue how to fit in to our world, and Marcus is the one who can patiently school him. It’s funny to see Marcus talk to Jeff The Barnacle, since that is basically Josh talking to himself. When those scenes occur, it’s like hearing a “Jeckle and Hyde” routine — both ends of the spectrum of Josh’s personality!

David Storrs plays Vince, the Big Dogs manager. Dave is probably one of the funniest human beings I know, so I had to find a spot for him in this show. He can take any situation to new exaggerated heights, yet somehow keep the character real. This is probably due to his years at the famed “Groundlings” comedy school, where he is currently teaching. Dave is also a television writer and producer, so I like having that extra layer of a performer’s brain to play with. And bottom line, I knew that I wanted Vince to do a lot of yelling and yell a lot of gibberish, and that is what Dave excels at. If you need someone to yell crazy things, call David Storrs!

“Shut the flap-jabbin’, Krag-a-donkas!!”

I’ve never had to work fast food, but I’ve worked retail… and a lot of these managers get super tweaked-up when there’s a rush of customers. There’s a lot of headsets and short commands in code and beeping machines back there. And once Krogzilla sees that they need some dogs grilled fast, his fire-breathing actually comes in handy. I like showing that amongst the pitfalls and failures that Krog has along the way, he also has little victories. Sometimes breathing fire can be a good thing. Same with being able to pull fries out of burning grease with your bare hands. The truth is, I don’t really know all of the hidden talents that Krogzilla might have. But as I wrote each episode, more of them came to light. Each one of these scripts usually started with the location he was in, and I just let that dictate the characters and surprises that might come out of that.

I hope you enjoyed another day-in-the-life of this guy. We have a very funny one coming up next week, where you’ll get to meet an old nemesis from Krogzilla’s past “monster life.”  I’m simply calling it “Attack of the Kiosk.”

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