Meet The Krogzilla Crew

Hey gang… just a week away from letting Krogzilla loose on the web in his new series, KROGZILLA GETS A JOB.” Very exciting. If you haven’t seen the sneak peak trailer yet, here it is.

I thought I’d give some SHOUT OUTS to the guys who have gone above and beyond to bring this little project to life. As you will read, they are all WAY over-qualified for their jobs on this and I am so happy to have their expertise.

RYAN HOSTETLER is my Animation Producer and has pretty much managed every frame of the animation process from the moment I handed over the storyboards. The series is created with Flash animation, a more economic solution to creating 2D stuff that still looks hand drawn. Ryan and his team do great work — I had very little tweaking to do on the episodes (and frankly, we had no time). You’ll see that the dialogue we recorded is really casual and conversational, and the animators made that very funny with razor-sharp lip sync and adding their own little performance flourishes. Ryan is also the last step in the post production process and is much more technically savvy than I am. Thanks, Ryan! You can check out his company Silly Monster Media, here.

The other amazing trivia is that Ryan and I both went to Anderson University, but several years apart. I got to know him as an alumni and here we are, making monsters together.

MARK KEEFER is the master of all things sound on our show, as well as an old friend in the biz. To tell you how long we’ve known each other, Mark created all the sound design on one of my first projects, “Wobots,” about ten years ago. He was also sound designer on “Hoodwinked.” Since then, Mark has worked with Skywalker Sound, Warner Brothers Animation, Disney and all the cucumbers and gourds at Veggie Tales. He’s also moved from sound editor to picture editor, recently cutting on storyreels for Jim Henson’s “Dinosaur Train,” the upcoming animated feature “Dorothy of Oz” as well as a new spinoff from Disney’s “Cars” (spoiler alert!).

On “Krogzilla Gets A Job,” Mark edited all of our recorded dialogue as well as created the sound design and final mix. Each episode takes place in a totally different environment, so Mark had a lot to create. And like Ryan, Mark delivers results that I rarely have to give notes on. This kind of attention is invaluable, because our schedule was jam packed. Thanks, Mark!

JOSH GREENE is a man of many hats. Literally. He is wearing a different hat every time I see him. I prefer the Timberlake mini-fedora by the way, Josh. But I also mean that you will hear Josh in a wide variety of roles in this series. He was the sound engineer for all recording sessions at his studio, Squareplay Entertainment. He is the voice of Krog’s best friend Marcus and his least favorite roommate Jeff. And he wrote and performed the super-catchy theme song for the show — the song that you WILL be singing to yourself for weeks, guaranteed. It’s very easy to say a bunch of very general things to Josh like, “Make is sound like a jazzy vintage TV theme from the 60’s, like Spider-Man and Speed Racer.” Then he comes back with EXACTLY that, and even more that surprised me.

Josh and I had many, many late nights of slap-happy recording sessions. Many of them I barely remember. But they were always fun and loose and brought out the playfulness in our voice cast. Thanks, Josh! Now take that hat off.

These guys are the core players that made this series happen. They are the sweet chewy nougat center. Without them, Krogzilla would just be a bunch of pencil sketches and me reading pages aloud to myself. So when you enjoy the show next week (and I hope you will), think of these guys. And imagine them with very baggy, sleep-deprived eyes.

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