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Hello there. Long time no blog. That doesn’t mean I’m not busy on stuff… Just way too busy to blog. One of the irritating things about the entertainment business is that you can work on something for a long time but not be able to talk about it. Many of the things I am developing involve other people or companies who have asked me to keep my mouth shut. When you like to talk as much as I do¬†(and blog and tweet and share), that’s a challenge. But hang in there. Piping hot new stuff is in the oven and just about ready to serve up!

Most of my days are spent writing, locked in my secret lab of an office. I just finished a Veggie Tales script, debating what vegetables with morals can and cannot do. You’d be surprised. I can definitively tell you that they cannot do slight-of-hand, close-up magic. That requires hands. I kept pitching “hands” to the Veggie Tales people, but they will have none of it. They’re like the Soup Nazi with that. “No hands!!”

The animated web series I mentioned is underway and lots of fun. I am days away from completing all voice recording with some very funny folks. It’s an interesting tone I’m trying to find with the comic timing — also a new way of recording my voice actors. I’m trying to get more of them on the mic at once and allow for those messy, unrehearsed moments that can happen when the actors “bump into each other” a little more. I’m in the middle of storyboarding and animatics and then will be reviewing animation for the next three months. Look for updates with art and sneak peaks here soon… when I can say more.

Simultaneously, I am deep into writing a screenplay for an animation studio. It’s technically a rewrite of another script, but it really feels like writing a brand new script from page one. Imagine taking apart a car, laying all the pieces out on the driveway, then putting it back together… except the car you took apart was a Pacer with no wheels and you have to make a Porche. Or at least a nice Prius. And again, I don’t think I can say what the project is, but it’s a fun world. A little magic, some gadgets, some classic adventure.

And then there’s my part time job of taking meetings. I pitch, I “give my take,” I “take a general,” I sit down with producers and “touch base.” Oh, I’m good at meetings. I wish it paid better, because my meetings are awesome. I ride in on my Vespa, I have great opening small talk, sometimes I bring a prop or some art. And very rarely, there is an actual gig at the end of it all. But the hoops I must jump through are many, and they are almost always on fire.

That’s all I got. No Fraggle stuff. I wish I did, believe me. I think the Fraggles and everyone related to them have gone back down underground for a good long time. I’ll do my best to draw them out again, but it’s not up to me anymore.

If you want more than this non-committal, obscure blog, or a more direct feed to my brain, you can always follow me on Twitter (@RealCoryEdwards).

Shalom, Aloha, Shaloha. (That last one’s mine. Copyright 2012.)

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