“Cosmonkey 2” wraps up today

For those of you that followed Roger Cosmonkey’s latest adventure on Twitter, hope you had fun. Subtitled “MEGA-PIGEON,” it spoofed a lot of monster and disaster flicks, mostly the low-rent kind seen on Syfy Network. It’s an idea I’d had for a long time… at one point I really just wanted to pitch a live action TV movie to Syfy and go make it (I think it’s time, Syfy). But when Roger needed a new story, I thought this was perfect.

I feel like the artwork got better and we started with a lot more followers onboard. The BIGGEST bonus was the very last post that went up today, when we ended with a top 40 “credit roll” rock ballad. In keeping with every over-blown tentpole movie about the end of the world, I think it’s a perfect addition. And since it’s about a giant pigeon, the lyrics are pretty much a four minute poop joke.

Listen to the radio single “FALL FROM GRACE” here. I’m sure Steven Tyler will be jealous.

The song was composed by Josh Greene, ace songwriter and screenwriter. It was performed by the long-dead, recently resurrected power band “BANDWAGEN.” Josh tells me there will be more from them in the future.

There will most probably be a third installment in this Twitter Series (trilogy!!), but I have to click into the best story for it. Until then, please leave comments here or on Roger’s Facebook page and tell me what you thought. Oh, and  buy a T-Shirt!

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