Hey folks, I’m about to launch something in a new media format — something that I don’t think has ever been done before: THE FIRST EPISODIC TWITTER SERIES.

That’s right — Starting MAY 16, I’ll be telling a story in single TWEETS, or “TWITTERSODES,” and each will have a SINGLE IMAGE attached. This series will unfold over ten days, two tweets a day, only on my twitter feed @RealCoryEdwards. It stars a new character named ROGER COSMONKEY.

I’ve had fun with Twitter, posting my goofy comments like everyone else. But I started to wonder if a complete story could be told with this new medium — a beginning, a middle and an end, with cliffhangers and everything. The premise for “ROGER COSMONKEY” begins in 1968 with NASA’s animal testing program… and it ends with a hyper-intelligent ape saving the world in 2011. I’d tell you the rest, but where’s the fun in that? You’ll just have to tune in… or “tweet in.” Hmm. Lots of new terms to make up.

The restrictions of tweeting is what actually made this interesting to me. I wondered how much story I could get across in a single tweet, and how many tweets would it take to carry an audience through an entire narrative.  To me, the brevity of this new art form isn’t a hinderance — it’s the challenge that intrigues me. Anyway, the art is done and the chapters are ready and I can’t wait to roll it out on May 16. We’ll see if it’s fun, if it works, and if it’s worth doing again. And hey, it won’t cost you a thing to join the ride.

Spread the word! ROGER COSMONKEY: launching MAY 16th. Exclusive to Twitter, found only @RealCoryEdwards. Look for the hashtag #cosmonkey.



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