Own a Piece of Fraggle Rock History

Hey Fraggle Fans, I am auctioning off a cool item to help raise money for my son’s preschool. It’s the ENTIRE SERIES on DVD, signed by REAL FRAGGLES.


This is a rare boxed set they do not make anymore. It has a sculpted logo on the box, a “map of the Fraggle universe” with original art from designer Michael Frith, and a special features disc. But what makes it a one-of-a-kind collectible is who I got to sign it.

This box has been autographed by THREE of the FIVE original Fraggle performers: Karen Prell, Dave Goelz and Steve Whitmire. They even had their characters sign autographs too (The World’s Oldest Fraggle has some shakey handwriting, let me tell you).

Until the world has a Fraggle Movie (and that might be just before the next ice age), you can at least have a chance to own a major keepsake from the series. And if your bid wins, you’ll be helping a lot of kids build a new preschool — isn’t that something the Fraggles would want?

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