Twitchy’s Voice: The Sequel

I’ve already gotten several comments about Twitchy’s voice in the “Hoodwinked Too” trailer. Yes, it’s me and yes, it’s different. It’s nice to know that so many of you are big enough fans that you noticed this from only TWO LINES in the trailer! As I’ve said before, different people are running this show now. I can only offer my advice so many times. Director Mike Disa was incredibly inclusive of me when he didn’t have to be, but there are simply some things he and his team chose to do differently. Each time I recorded my dialogue for the fast talking squirrel, I let them know what the “formula” was for creating the voice in the last movie: 50% faster in Pro Tools. That’s it. But they chose to vary the speed, depending on the line, and many times just pitched the voice higher without any speedup at all. Since I recorded everything anticipating the speed up to “gibberish level,” I delivered the lines according to that. So that’s why Twitchy is going to sound different.

Every time I was invited to screenings or invited to comment, I would say, “Twitchy’s voice sounds different, you need to be aware of that.” From what I can tell from the many blank stares and the end result, nobody really cared. Again, I got nothin’ but love for Mike Disa! He had his own set of headaches getting this to the screen, believe me.

And to address the amount of crass humor in the trailer — yes, this is indicative of the jokes in the film, sorry to say. Not much I can do when I’m not the director. I have it on good authority that Weinsteins were eager to push for more “Shrek humor” and kept tweaking the jokes with punch-up writers ’til the last minute. I’m disappointed by that approach, and it’s my hope that those ruder moments don’t overwhelm what we originally wrote. I say I “hope,” because I haven’t seen the final movie yet. Yeah, that’s weird.

If you go see “Gnomio & Juliet” this week, you’ll probably catch the trailer on the big screen. Let me know how the farts sound in THX.

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  • Jeremiah Says:

    You say that the trailer has some sound effects and lines that aren’t in the movie. So while I know that we can still unfortunately expect some crass humour in the movie, are you saying that parts of the trailer were made specifically for the trailer and won’t be in the final film? Are you allowed to specify which parts? Plus how do you even know this if you haven’t seen the final film yet?

    • cory Says:

      a. Yes, many sounds & lines are added for the trailer.
      b. I know because the director told me.
      c. I don’t know what parts specifically.
      d. This happens all the time, in lots of trailers.

  • WinkyGoMoo Says:

    I’ve gone to a few movies that have these kinds of trailers. While the crude stuff was still in there, the movie itself was great. I’m really hoping that this will be the case here. But either way, I’m still going to one of the first viewings the day after it comes out.

  • MFilm Says:

    I recall a time when Disney had to add farts other stuff into trailers for classic movies released to video. In a Jungle Book advert, Baloo’s roar in one scene was re-edited and re-dubbed to be a belch.

    Yeah, it just doesn’t sound right that they want to tinker with a movie to give it humor that I’m sure the general public grew tired of in 2005. But hey, that’s show biz.

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