Saturn Award Nomination

“Hoodwinked” missed the Oscars, but my film is being recognized by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.
Our film been nominated for “Best Horrific Fantasy Based On Science”… Or maybe it’s “Best Animated Film.” One of the two.
The awards show will take place May 2 in Universal City.
Read about ALL of the nominees here:

It’s not a major award nomination, but I personally think this is pretty cool. I’ve always heard about the Saturn Awards and will definitely “geek out” when I go to the awards show. Hopefully I will see some of the cast members from “Star Wars,” “Lost,” “Serenity”… geek senses… tingling!!

Do we have a shot? Maybe a long, long, long shot. But it will be cool to sit in the room with all of these film folks. Slowly but surely I am beginning to realize that I may finally, actually be “in the game.” I am moving in the currents of major filmmakers. The real question now is, if King Kong is there, does he need a really really big pen for autographs?

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