Go See "Secret of Kells" Right Now

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Many of you remember hearing about some obscure, underdog 2D film that was up for an Oscar last year known as “The Secret of Kells.” If you were like me, you said, “What the heck is that?” and couldn’t even find a place to see it. Well the movie has just hit DVD and you need to seek it out. The artwork and the style of this Irish-produced fantasy is gorgeous, amazing and mesmerizing.

I’d describe it as Genndy Tartakovsky-meets-Miyazaki. And if that’s too nerdy for you, think “Samurai Jack” art in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. It’s a beautiful, beautiful movie, worthy of the Oscar nomination and one that will re-kindle your love and respect for 2D, hand-drawn animation.

It not only grabbed me, but my three year-old son watched every minute and then asked to see it again, immediately. No kidding, he watched it twice on the first viewing. Check out some of these screen grabs, but then go find the real film and watch the imagery come to life.

3 Responses to “Go See "Secret of Kells" Right Now”

  • jana.kaye Says:

    cory, I saw this one about a month ago, and really loved it, too. Thanks for mentioning it here! A great story, and beautifully told.

  • Joe Rohrs Says:

    We watched it about a week ago (it's a play now on Netflix) and thought it was amazing. Did you know that it's a fictionalized account of how the Book of Kells was created? It's one of the most ornate (if not THE most ornate) version of the four gospels that exists. Wikipedia-it – you'll not be disappointed! =)

  • Leah Claire Says:

    My 2 1/4 year old daughter just did the same thing with Hoodwinked (one of my all-time faves) – wanted an instant replay. No other film has gotten that response from her! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely check out “The Secret of Kells”.

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