Hoodwinked Soundtrack Back on ITUNES

Hear ye, hear ye…

If you’ve never gotten the chance to get the soundtrack from Hoodwinked, it is back for purchase on iTunes this week! I don’t know how or why… I’m assuming this means the executive producer and the record label made nice. I’m just happy to have the music out there again after years of absence.

Check out the musical stylings of Blick Van Glory‘s Todd Edwards, with special guest star Ben Folds!… and hear me live out my dreams as a rap star.

5 Responses to “Hoodwinked Soundtrack Back on ITUNES”

  • Anonymous Says:

    "hear me live out my dreams as a rap star."

    – Did you sing one of the songs in Hoodwinked?

  • Cory Edwards Says:

    I am the vocal on "The Real G."

    I also wrote it, as well as the rap song "Bounce" that plays during the credits.

  • Brooks Says:

    So I guess the eBay market for the Hoodwinked soundtrack has gone south rapidly?

  • Cory Says:

    It's still the only way you can get the physical product, which is a beauty, I must say. Full color lyrics booklet and everything.

  • Kevin D. F. Highnight Says:

    The physical CD is available as well on Amazon. I discovered it a few days before Todd announced on FaceBook that it was available through iTunes. I checked out Ryko's website, though, and there is no mention of it there. And Amazon lists a release date of November 17, 2009! So glad that it's available again!!! Figured they'd get it out before the sequel…now we need that Blu-ray release with the behind the scenes footage you mentioned long ago that should have been included on the original DVD!!!

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