2014 Movie Reviews… in Catchphrases!

Robocop – Too much talk, not enough rock

Lego Movie – Terrible idea. Shouldn’t have worked. Awesome anyway.

Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes Anderson does Wes Anderson

Neighbors – Way better than a Seth Rogen movie should be

Muppets Most Wanted – Ty Burrell: Best Muppet (& the new Clouseau)

Noah – Rock people. Rock people????

Cap. 2, Winter Soldier – Superman, take notes

Divergent – In the future we’ll all be color-coordinated

Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Becoming a villain takes only two minutes!

Godzilla – Why why why did Cranston die?

X-Men: DOFP – Wolverine is Marty McFly

How To Train Your Dragon 2– How to make a sequel

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Apes + Guns = Ape – pocalypse!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Dance off, bro. You and me.

The Expendables 3 – More people on the poster than in the theater

Birdman – Great opening shot

Big Hero 6 – Naming the second one will be a problem

Into The Woods – James Corden is the upscale Jim Gaffigan

The Hobbit 3 – I wish it had actually been about The Hobbit

The Interview – Congrats hackers, you just hyped what you hate

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