Apr 16 2012

Say Hello To Krogzilla!

I’m very excited to finally announce my new project, the animated web series “KROGZILLA GETS A JOB.” It will debut MAY 31 on Shut Up! Cartoons, the new animation channel from SMOSH.COM.

“Krogzilla Gets A Job” is very much in the tone of “Hoodwinked,” with some of the awkwardness of “The Office” and “Louie” and a bit of the banter of “New Girl.” It’s about a sea monster who used to be 200 feet tall in his glory days, crushing everything in his wake… but after being defeated and shrunk by scientists, now he simply has to get a job and fit in with the rest of us. He’s polite but still a bull in a china shop, since he just hasn’t gotten the human interaction thing down yet. Each week, a three minute episode will show Krogzilla getting hired and fired from a variety of jobs. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

A lot of that satisfaction comes from the new sandbox I am playing in, known as THE INTERNET! Not a lot of guys in suits giving notes. Not a lot of restrictions put on the creator. But it also comes with immediate feedback from every human who watches it. This new opportunity came to me by way of the good guys at SMOSH.COM, who have built what I would call “An Empire Of Silliness” over the last couple years. If you’re like me and over age 30, you’re probably asking “Who the heck is Smosh.com?” Apparently millions of teens & college kids know. Once I learned that these guys have the third largest subscribed-to channel on YouTube, I had to put my eyeballs back in my head and take notice.

“Krogzilla” has a fun voice cast made up of a lot of my funny friends. Ken Marino of “Children’s Hospital” and “The State,” John O’Hurley of “Seinfeld,” Joel McCrary of “Kickin’ It” and “Robot Chicken” and funny lady Vanessa Ragland of the popular “PMC Podcast.” “Hoodwinked” fans may also recognize Josh Greene (the voice of “Jimmy Lizard”) in several roles, and me… as the titular sea monster.

I’ll be introducing others working behind the scenes in the coming weeks.

The hype train is leaving the station, and I want each and every one of you to get onboard. Chooooo-choooo! Okay, that’s the end of the train metaphor. Even though the series doesn’t start for a month, I’ll still be talking about it a lot here, getting people excited and “Krog-ified.”

Press has already started, and you can click some of these links to read more about the 100 channel YouTube initiative and more about the many series premiering on Shut Up! Cartoons.





And finally, to get updates on the project (and random comedy) follow me on twitter @RealCoryEdwards, @ShutUpCartoons or Krogzilla himself @Krogzilla!


Apr 7 2012

Project Yellow Sphere Chomps The Internet

Greetings, Earthlings. I am close to giving you all full disclosure on my new internet project, but until I do, I am excited to talk about PROJECT YELLOW SPHERE. It is the brainchild of James Farr and my friends at Steelehouse Productions, under their newly launched division Steelehouse Digital.

Project Yellow Sphere started out as an in-house project by a bunch of fans and geeks that love classic games, namely PAC-MAN. What has resulted is an amazing showpiece of visual effects and a high-concept re-launch of the character. After you see this six minute clip, you’ll be ready for the feature.

Steelehouse launched this in a very savvy viral campaign, leaking bits of footage and news reports of a top secret government project. When gaming titan IGN caught wind of it, they did a deal to launch it exclusively on their site. Now, after 150,000 hits in 24 hours and Hollywood knocking on their door, the lesson is told once again: if you really want to do something, find the resources and DO IT. Somebody might just notice.

Set your hadron particle colliders to eleven and visit ProjectYellowSphere. Congrats, Steelehouse!

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